15 super cute decor ideas to brighten up your teenagers DULL bedroom

1. Cover your wall in loads of photos and fairy lights

Be quirky and old fashioned and turn your instagram photos into print outs and stick them all over your wall to show off your best looking memories.

2. Add a eye catching spark with a printed tapestry
You don’t always need to get the paint and brush out in order to create a pop of colour in your room (especially if you are renting) Simple hang up a piece of large bright tapestry to add an instant splash of colour – its far less effort than painting!

3. Put the black and white printer to good use!
Forget about splashing the cash on coloured cartridges! You can print out some really nice images and quotes in black and white to create a cool monochrome collage. Take a look at this!

4. Whip out the fairy lights
As you have probably noticed – fairy lights are a girlie fave of mine! I love to put a quirky spin by putting up my fave pics from the lead of the light using pegs. I tend to focus on the corners for an extra minimalist chic look.

5. Get EVEN MORE crazy with the fairy lights
If minimalist isn’t your style or in your nature, just go crazy and cover your entire wall in fairy lights and photos! I love to use wooden pegs for an extra vintage look!

6. Get artsy with washi tape
Using washi tape is another great way to add some colour to your room whilst keeping it landlord friendly for all those out there who are renting property! Washi tape is a thin colourful tape that comes it so many different patterns and prints. You can create unusual shapes on your wall like below!

7. Pile up the cushions for a lounge vibe
When you’re not lazing around you need to ensure your bed looks super inviting by piling up the cushions. Transform your bed into something more loungeable and your room will instantly become the best chill out space in the house. Just what you need for late night girlie gossip sessions!

8. Get artsy with a heart photograph
Transform your best looking memories into a pretty wall art by fashioning them into a quirky heart. You could use some pretty images from Pinterest to get a nice colour theme going. See below!

9. Go graphic with cushions and fabrics
If you are looking to add character to your bedroom, why not add in some clashy printed fabrics! Have a look how cool this image looks!

10. Turn your desk space into a creative dreamboat
If you are like me or my hubby you will probably spend a lot of time at your desk doing work, sorting out bills etc… So it makes sense to like the area where you work from. What better way than to stick sketches and inspirational pictures up on the wall?

11. Create a framed wall that screams LOOK AT ME
Having an amazing framed wall that show all of your fave pics quotes or patterns is a great way to make your wall stand out. Check out this beautiful framed wall!

12. Create a frame wall minus the frames but with some washi tape!
If you are renting and are worried about getting your deposit back you can for the easiest and most fun way of framing your pictures! – washi tape! You can create some really quirky shapes and mix and match some colours and prints for an added quirky effect.

13. Get collage crazy!
Whip out the pritt stick and make some pretty crazy collages for your teens wall. Add some cool quote wall-hangings and fairy lights and then you will have the full chic look that all your daughters friends will be talking about!

14. Carry out a colour scheme
Who said anyone needed paint carpet or curtains to create a fancy colour scheme… You can simply match your bedding to some of your wall decor and the trinkets on your shelves to create a nice easy colour scheme. Take a look at this room below!

15. Splash on some confetti to the wall
If your daughter loves bright colours then you should definitely try adding some colourful confetti to the wall. Try cutting some pretty coloured paper into circles and then stick them to the wall! Check out how pretty they look!

So thats it guys! You have plenty of ideas now to brighten up your teens bedroom! These are really cheap and easy little tricks that absolutely anyone and everyone could give it ago!
If you have any more ideas please let us know I would love to hear them all!

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