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How to turn your home into a magical haven using fairy lights

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Using fairy lights to turn your home into a magical haven

So this week I’ve been obsessing over fairy lights! They are a cheap way into making your home look beautifully magical whilst adding in a real girlie twist.

Check out these 13 fantastic tips on how you can turn your dream home into something really magical.lights


1. Place your fairy lights over floaty fabric to create the illusion of sleeping under the stars. – magicall!

2. Lighten up your beauty table and watch your face really light up!

3. Why not add a little something to your plain and boring shelves

4. Make a statement and turn your mirror into something magical

5. Put your fairy lights into a jar to create lamps with a twist!

6. String em up to create a little something on your outdoor space!

7. Why not place your snaps on a wire of pretty fairy lights…

8. Wrap fairy lights around your bed frame to create the ultimate magical fortress

9. Why not frame your main wall to draw attention and focus…

10. My all time fave – create stunning words using fairy lights by pinning them on the wall!

11. Hang in some fairy lights through your drapes!

12. Add some light to your shelving display

13. Go mad and extra creative and weave your fairy lights all over your room


Be sure to snap and share all of your creative ideas with fairy lights! I would love to see them all!

Although guys please please please be careful if you do have pets! I was reading this scary post the other week about a dog who almost died eating christmas fairy lights! You can read that on the BBC here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-20767669

Just keep that in mind if you’re planning on going fairy light crazy! – You could still use them as long as you pin them up high on the wall or have them made into lanterns in a jar 🙂

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