4 Tips for small spaces

1. Less is more: This is one of the most common yet effective tips. Many people make the mistake of carrying far too many items while moving to a new place. However, when you have a small space, you have to assume that you will have to start off with no or very little room. Hence, when you are packing your items, make sure that you are not bringing many furniture items. Once you see your new space, you will have to carefully assess the space available and accordingly figure out which furniture to bring. This may be slightly difficult because most individuals prefer to get things done the first time. However, this is the best way to make sure that you bring only those furniture which you really need.

2. Purchase items which have multiple functions: When you are dealing with a tight space, it is very important to buy items which have more than just one use. For example, if you are buying a TV stand, make sure that it can also be used as a TV shelf. And in case you are planning to buy a bed for your guests, then instead of buying a loveseat, purchase a futon. Thus, your aim should be to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Don’t overdo: Many kids or teenagers have the habit of decorating the walls with posters. However, this is a very bad idea if the room is small. Even though you are not using the floor space, it will make your room appear much smaller.
In case you want to decorate your room, then you can go for little mirrors hanging from the walls. Apart from looking great, they will also make your room appear much bigger.

4. Make full use of your storage space: Most of us have some items in our house which we don’t use on a regular basis. For example, if your friends visit you occasionally and you need extra chairs for that, then instead of buying traditional chairs, you should consider purchasing folding chairs. Folding chairs are very easy to use and they will be able to save you a lot of space. And in case you have a storage space available in your house, then you should make full use of that. You can also use your bedroom closet to keep away all the unnecessary items. In case you need something, you can always pull them up from the closet. It can be a bit annoying at times, but it is going to save you a lot of space.

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