About Us

Hattrick Furniture is all about my 3 main passions, my house, my garden and my lifestyle! Featuring posts inspired by the interior and exterior designs of houses, gardens and even garages from around the world. We will be covering everything from the decor, cooking to DIY projects.Me and Hubby

I started my journey when I began reading the magazine House and Garden I then became addicted to the site House to Home  I have even made some of my own creations. My hope is that I can help encourage you to brighten your home, garden and lifestyle so you can find the same .

Your home extends further than just simply your house, its your garden and your whole world? Hattrick Furniture is all about taking a healthy dash of botanical style and incorporating it into your life through decorating, crafting, cooking and yes, even gardening!

My love for my own house soon turned into a passion for gardening, originally it was just to help create a prettier view for the family home, before I knew it I had joined the Royal Horticultural Society and then the house and garden soon blossomed into the blog your reading now.

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