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Kitchen Designs for Edwardian Houses

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Copper pots and pans on the walls of an Edwardian style kitchen

Do you have any idea that you spend an average of three years of your life in the kitchen? Well, this question may have taken you by surprise but that is the reality. Whether you are preparing a cup of tea, a dinner party for your guests or just relaxing with your family over a cup of coffee, your kitchen is a safe haven within your home.

This part of your house matters the most especially when preparing your meals. Why settle for less when you can have your dream kitchen thanks to the Edwardian style kitchen. This type of kitchen is second to none when it comes to its setup, design and other factors that make it a perfect choice for those looking to have kitchen designs for Edwardian houses.

Learn more about these wonderful kitchen designs so you may have a clear picture of what you can expect should you decide to go for an Edwardian kitchen extension and so own.

Edwardian Style Kitchen

History will tell you that the Edwardian era (from 1901 to 1910), was a time of revivalism. Unlike the Victorian era that was mainly characterised by the cluttered, heavy and darkly decorated interior designs, the Edwardian period was a little bit different. This period marked the beginning of simpler interior designs comprising of lighter colours, brighter airy spaces, and fine lines.

Most of the homes became sanctuaries contrary to the opulent status symbols that were associated with the Victorian times. In fact, decorative patterns went a tremendous transformation thus becoming less complex much to the delight of homeowners. Fresh pastel colours were preferred the most let alone the widespread use of feminine wallpapers. These two factors brought in a breath of fresh air as well as the newest fresh style that was embraced by many people.

And the centre of focus was actually the Edwardian style kitchen. In actual sense, nothing highlighted the attention to detail as far as kitchen designs for Edwardian houses were concerned.

Modern take on Edwardian kitchen design

Edwardian Kitchen Design

When designing the Edwardian kitchen, much of the emphasis is highlighted on a number of factors. First of all, there is the convenience of distribution, particularly in its parts with the largeness of dimensions being the main centre of attraction.

At the same time, the importance of height, light, and ventilation is put into consideration when designing these types of kitchens. Don’t forget the ease of access and careful location in the home. The location, however, is important in ensuring the aroma of cookery does not spread around your entire house.

The design encompasses a scullery pantry located nearby to provide a lot of water and fuel when needed. In general, Edwardian kitchen designs are simple, easy to construct and utilitarian. Back in the Edwardian era, a worktable was included in the kitchen.

At the moment, the worktable is replaced by the kitchen island which has increasingly become popular in every kitchen. Appliances are a must-have with the range cooker being the most essential appliance of all time for Edwardian kitchen designs today.

Edwardian Kitchen Ideas

The Edwardian era embraced what experts say to be an understated approach when designing kitchens. This is a perfectly synonymous fashion with the modern, minimalist and stylish approach to the kitchen designs.

However, don’t hesitate to take a few ideas from the Edwardian era when designing a modern kitchen within your house. This means you can still bring the modern as well as fresh feel in your kitchen using the right designs.

Using Edwardian kitchen ideas is not a bad move after all. Some of the ideas may include the limitations to the height of the ceiling, meaning that the ceiling needs to be kept low. This way, you won’t have to place cupboards on the walls because they may prevent you from doing some fun things around the kitchen.

For instance, cupboards can stop you from displaying your beautiful collection of pans and cutlery that are always in use most of the time. On the other hand, you may leave the shelves wide open to make your pans part and parcel of the design itself besides being easily accessible while cooking.

Copper pans and other utensils on an Edwardian style Kitchen counter

Edwardian Kitchen Extension

Edward kitchen extension brings in a lot of natural light to the cooking area. The light opens up all the possibilities of using bolder colours on your kitchen without getting worried about your space feeling darker or enclosed.

As a homeowner, you may opt for a hand-painted design that includes a kitchen island unit painted dark blue to contrast beautifully with your pale-coloured cupboards on the walls, worktops or wood flooring just to name but a few. Perhaps you may include a secret door in your design to provide easy access to the utility room. More often than not, these kitchen extensions feature high vaulted ceilings with plenty of glass in order to maximise natural light.

Addition of Edwardian kitchen extension in your home is likely to give you that bright entertaining space that you could be missing in your home. As mentioned earlier, this type of kitchen is designed primarily around the central island unit to form the focal point of your entire kitchen space.

If you want to learn more about Edwardian kitchen ideas, then talk to these Interior Designers Bristol.


How Does Your Furnace Work?

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Not giving your furnace the attention that it needs, could mean that you could have a very cold season this winter. Your furnace will last longer if you take the time to tune it properly. you will also find that you reduce your heating costs when you service your furnace properly.

The furnace works when your house temperature goes below the level set in your thermostat a natural gas is emitted, then a flame is ignited inside the combustion chamber. After a few minutes the furnace blower fan starts working. Air is pulled through the furnace filter. it goes through the furnaces heat exchanger that heats the air. The hot air is circulated throughout the entire house through the heating ducts.

There are two things that allow your furnace to operate properly and efficiently. They include: venting and combustion air

Combustion air

Any combustion requires oxygen to take place. Your furnace requires oxygen as well. Your furnace needs to take up enough oxygen in order to heat up your home properly. some furnaces get their oxygen from inside the home while others get it from outside. If your furnace get its oxygen from the inside the furnace should be placed in an area of the house that is open and has a lot of room. In case your house does not have room to allow your furnace to function properly.


Your furnace needs to exhale as much as it needs to inhale. For this reason it needs to have a venting system.that provides a way for the air and emissions produced by your furnace to find a way out of your home. it is very crucial that you set your venting in the correct size and also ensure that the type of venting used is the correct one. You should also ensure that the venting system is installed properly to ensure that the gas emitted and the by products of your furnace are emitted outside your home. The gas emissions could be harmful in the long run if they are released back into your home.

How to maintain your furnace

  • You should ensure that your furnace is inspected by a licensed heating contractor every so often
  • You should ensure that your furnace is installed correctly.
  • You should make sure that the furnace burners are adjusted properly
  • Ensure that there is ample ventilation where you site your furnace

Things you should remember to do:

  • Check the status of your furnace filter frequently. Check to see if it needs to be cleaned
  • Ensure that no combustible or flammable materials are found near the furnace.
  • Ensure that your furnace has more than enough combustion air.

Here are some fun facts about Natural gas:

  • Gas emitted from your furnace is lighter than normal air. When released into the atmosphere it rises rapidly and dissipates rather then pool around.
  • Natural gas is colourless and odourless
  • Natural gas is non toxic
  • Mercaptan is added to the gad to allow for easy and quick detection of gas leaks. Mercaptan has a rotten egg
  • Natural gas is not harmful to the environment. It is environmentally clean.
  • A furnace that uses natural gas is a very efficient and safe appliance as long as it well installed and properly maintained.

6 Tips for buying a swimming pool

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The swimming pool is the area where you have the most enjoyment and thrill time. However, it is not an easy thing to make changes in the swimming pool, and you always need external help. A swimming pool construction company can transform a dull and boring pool into a fresh and vibrant swimming pool.

Many people think about the renovation of the pool but suspend the idea due to less awareness about the options available. Several things can make your swimming pools a rejuvenated and refreshed water body.

Tips for buying a house with a swimming pool :

1. Salt Water Chlorinator:

Salt water chlorinator would make you free from the hassles of maintaining the storage of chlorine manually. It is a simple, automated and convenient technique.

2. Fiber optic and LED:

Make the swimming pools of your backyard beautiful by adding beautiful LED and fiber optic lights. Insert vibrant colors on the floor or attach them to the side walls and see the magical effect. The water gets illuminated with funky neon colors to make it sensational.

3. Pool plaster:

It is the latest trend in swimming pools construction. Apart from the basic task of protecting walls; pool plasters add a good value to the aesthetic value of the pool. Aggregate finish is the latest one available in vibrant colors and unmatched finish and texture. Polish them to reflect the sunlight or keep it natural or add pebbles to give a stylish appearance; an aggregate finish is always the winner of the show.

4. Electronically controlled water fillers:

Maintaining water level is certainly a time-consuming and frustrating task. Innovations and advancement in the technology have changed the scenario. Electronic water fillers that sense the level and start the pump when it below a certain level. Pump stops when the maximum level is reached. Give a new look with the use of technology to your swimming pool. Call an expert swimming pool construction service provider.

5. Fountain and statue:

Many people install small fountains and statues in the swimming pools. They just look awesome. Small fountains are always the favorite spot of fun and thrill for the children. Installing ethnic style statues would change the appearance of your pool. Add colorful LED lights to make it simply incredible. Renovate your pool with a different style and become the role model for others.

6. Keep the Noise Down

What’s music to your ears may be noise to others. Respect their choice and keep the music volume low. Enjoy music while splashing in the pool without disturbing others. It is equally important that you avoid playing music that has lewd lyrics or profanity. When you are living in one of the best apartments in Raleigh, following the etiquettes is the least you can do. The basic rule is, have fun but not at the cost of others. Remember the dos and don’ts and have a cool pool party!

Renovate the swimming pool with the best technology items by swimming pool construction agents of your city. Spend splendid afternoons with friends and family members


4 Tips for small spaces

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1. Less is more: This is one of the most common yet effective tips. Many people make the mistake of carrying far too many items while moving to a new place. However, when you have a small space, you have to assume that you will have to start off with no or very little room. Hence, when you are packing your items, make sure that you are not bringing many furniture items. Once you see your new space, you will have to carefully assess the space available and accordingly figure out which furniture to bring. This may be slightly difficult because most individuals prefer to get things done the first time. However, this is the best way to make sure that you bring only those furniture which you really need.

2. Purchase items which have multiple functions: When you are dealing with a tight space, it is very important to buy items which have more than just one use. For example, if you are buying a TV stand, make sure that it can also be used as a TV shelf. And in case you are planning to buy a bed for your guests, then instead of buying a loveseat, purchase a futon. Thus, your aim should be to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Don’t overdo: Many kids or teenagers have the habit of decorating the walls with posters. However, this is a very bad idea if the room is small. Even though you are not using the floor space, it will make your room appear much smaller.
In case you want to decorate your room, then you can go for little mirrors hanging from the walls. Apart from looking great, they will also make your room appear much bigger.

4. Make full use of your storage space: Most of us have some items in our house which we don’t use on a regular basis. For example, if your friends visit you occasionally and you need extra chairs for that, then instead of buying traditional chairs, you should consider purchasing folding chairs. Folding chairs are very easy to use and they will be able to save you a lot of space. And in case you have a storage space available in your house, then you should make full use of that. You can also use your bedroom closet to keep away all the unnecessary items. In case you need something, you can always pull them up from the closet. It can be a bit annoying at times, but it is going to save you a lot of space.


Spring cleaning is an unofficial kickoff

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Spring cleaning is an unofficial kickoff to warmer weather for many people, but it seems to some that it is getting harder and harder to find the time needed to clean their house consistently and efficiently. Everyone might like a good clean house, but the fact of the idea is that many of times it is just impossible to squeeze the hours in that a clean house requires. However, when push comes to shove, there are some ideas and suggestions available that can make spring cleaning less of a time-consuming chore for you.

First of all, keep in mind that no one ever said that all of your spring home cleanings had to be started and finished all within one day. Many people begin one beautiful warm spring day fully intending to whip their house into shape, but within a couple of hours find that it is taking much longer than they thought and they are running out of time! They then lose interest in their endeavors because at that point it becomes overwhelming, and the chores will soon beat them down until the clutter wins the battle once again. Before you start any cleaning, remember to be reasonable! Setting the bar too high and thinking that you’ll run through the house like a superhero with super strength and speed will only end in failure. This is not the way to start your spring season!

A very good idea that will help you a lot is to call local organizations that pick up clothing donations. Charities, churches, and the schools are just a couple of teams that either will come to your home and pick up unwanted items or they can tell you where their nearest drop-off facility is. Many times people go through their house finding things that they have no use for anymore, but they also do not want to just throw away in the trash. This is especially the case with children’s clothing! So what happens? Instead of getting the things out of the house and making more room in drawers, dressers, and cabinets, they keep them hoping that they’ll find a good spot for them sometime. This is the very start to the clutter taking over and winning the home battle. Get rid of that stuff! If you don’t use it or it doesn’t fit, donate it to someone that will benefit from it, don’t keep it around to junk up your house!

For a lot of people who dive into cleaning their house, they prefer to start at the worst part the closets. Although closets are often where the most jam-packing have taken place, this also means that a closet can be emptied relatively quickly if there are things in there that should be donated.

The key to successful house cleaning is organization. Organizing your storage containers is one of the easiest ways to keep things neat and tidy and easy to find when you need them. Many experts recommend using clear storage bins so that you don’t have to pull out five giant boxes and open them up every time you need to look for something. Labeling containers that are not see-through is also a precious time-saver.


How to keep your home warm

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Weather forecast reveals that temperatures will drop this week. We are therefore advised to ensure that our heating systems are in excellent conditions to keep our homes warm during the winter.

A study by the British gas prior to the winter season shows that majority of people are ill prepared to face the chilly weather. In the survey, 43% of the people in London do not verify whether the central heating is operating before turning it on. It was also found that only 40% of the people service their boilers before the winter. Surprisingly, 57% of people in London end up enduring a freezing shower in the last five years due to breakdown of their home boilers.

Boiler repair experts offer various tips to ensure that your home remain warm. Blocking draughts prevent heat from escaping hence preserving the heat in your home. Bleeding of the radiator is also another sure way of keeping your home warm.

It starts with loving your boiler, thus you monitor it closely to ensure that it is working properly ahead of the winter. If your boiler is a bit old, it may perform inefficiently. In case you have a pressure gauge, you should ensure that your boiler is at the correct pressure and refill if necessary.

Insulate your hot water tank by wrapping it around to preserve heat hence saving money. You can purchase the materials from Boiler repairs stores in Farnborough.

Burst pipes are a common and big problem during the cold season. Insulating your pipes helps to prevent burst pipes. Make sure that you insulate your pipes using lagging which can be purchased economically from boiler repair stores in Farnborough.

Be economical on energy by purchasing a smart meter. This meter can show you your home energy consumption rate in pounds and money and help you to monitor your energy usage. You can identify areas in your home that you can make savings. If you are operating a business, some boiler repairs in Farnborough can link you to an online tool called Business Energy Insight from British Gas. This tool provide individualised information, alerts and tips on energy efficiency.

Ensure your drains are well maintained and that they are clear of debris where they connect to the ground. Always monitor your gullies to get rid of all types of debris which may restrict water flow.

If you live in north east Hampshire and its environs, it is imperative to seek for Boiler repairs Farnborough can offer. This will ensure that your heating systems perform efficiently in combating the cold era.


Interesting facts about Heal’s Furniture Store

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Heal’s is named after its founder, John Harris Heal. Together with his son, they established Heal’s furniture store in 1810. Initially, it was a feather dressing business but it expanded later into bedstead, bedding and furniture manufacturing.

The first Heal’s furniture store was located on Rathbone Place but in 1818, the business moved to Tottenham Court Road and by the end of the 19th century, it was one of the most popular furniture supplier throughout London.

Unlike most stores in London, Heal’s store has retained the possessive apostrophe in its name.

· The stamp of approval

Heal’s furniture store had its own stamp which was a mark of quality design. It was produced in 1910, to mark centenary of Heal’s and it bore the sign of four poster bed. The store’s stamp on Tottenham Court Road had become so popular that it was deemed iconic enough to be included on envelopes and posted throughout the country.

· Why Dickens?

In the 19th century, serialized novels were equivalent to TV soaps. The books reached a huge number of audience a fact that Heal’s and Son did not waste. Heal’s adverts were placed on the cover of Bleak house, one of the major novels by Charles Dickens. The idea was that if anyone had a bleak house, they would go to Heal store to fix it.

· Store mascot

Contrary to the common notion, Heal’s animal mascot was not a spotted dog. On a shelf up the famous Heal’s spiral staircase sat the Heal’s Cat that became a favourite to the shop staff that it was sold by Dodie Smith in the 1920s. He described as the shop’s presiding god.

However, Ambrose Heal wrote to the customer to cancel the order stating that Heal’s Mascot is not for sale.

· Royal service

In 1977, Heal’s cabinet makers and the polishers were asked to restore Buckingham palace’s 60ft banquet table in time for Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee celebrations.


Get New Water Pumps For Your House

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At times getting a new water pump for houses can be really difficult, for it is important to choose and get the perfect pump for your house. There are various types of deep well water pump are available in the market, but if checked thoroughly the recirculating pumps are the best.

The recirculating pumps are very useful, it can be easily witnessed in a house where the hot water system is built in loop form and runs throughout the house. For such a house the recirculating pump is perfect for it uses really less energy, to keep the water circulating through the loop, and thus provides instantaneous hot water everywhere. Southern Nevada Water Authority also said that with the help of a recirculating pump almost 30 gallons of water can be saved by each household. In this world, where we are asked to save water at every step, this is no doubt a big contribution.

Well, most deep well water pump, have a timer system, so that they run only when needed and energy is saved. Such a system can be easily bought from the market for some $200-$500. Then, the pump can create its own hot water by using the cold water available passing through a loop. But, it should be mentioned that, the hot water needs to be let out to get the cold water back.

This deep well water pump is nice and easy, though providing the electricity can be a tough job, for it is hard to provide electricity under the sink. Though, it can be done by running the power through the available outlet. Since it is related to electricity and water, it is necessary that the outlet is GFCI protected, and there a receptacle is needed. Now to fix it, get a remodelling box and use a stud sensor and then a pencil to mark the area and with the help of a drywall saw cut shallowly. For safety measures, turn off the power while doing the above.

Garden Home

13 Ways To Use Plants To Make Your Home Look LOVELY

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As you all know how crazy I am about gardening and using plants to make my home look super pretty… well ive decided this week to write a post about all the different ways how you can spice up your home with a few plants here and there. You will be surprised at what a different a few plants can really make to your home.

Check out these 13 beautiful homes that have used plants to make their home look LOVELY

1. Before we get started lets take a look at this plant chart…

2.You can choose specific plants that have the magical powers of purifying the air! – perfect for those stuffy humid days in the summer!

3. Why not try painting your plant pots to make them look even more pretty!

4. Put together your foliage together to make a stylish statement in your home that can not be ignored!

5. Mix things up by displaying LARGE and small together to create this funky look.

6. Why not use old food tins and vintage tea cups to give your room and plants a retro look

7. Transform your bathroom into a greenhouse spa sanctuary by overpowering it with lots of green plants! – BEAUT

8. Find old jars and reuse them by filling them up with stones and soil!!! The stones are perfect and essential for water drainage when there are no holes at the bottom of the pot!.

9. Show everyone that you mean business and make a statement with a huge plant!

10. Get yourself a draping plant that hangs over your shelves for a really sultry and beautiful look! This is definitely my fave! looks absolutely perfect over white shelves and white walls!

11. Grow your very own herbs and be sure to hang them in pots at your window to ensure they get plenty of sunlight.

12. If you’re into crafts why not create your own hanging plant jar to really quirk things up when showcasing your plants to your neighbours!

13. For the craziest of crazy – like me – why not try this fab DIY project that allows you make plant pots from… dinosaur toys! Just wait till you see how cool it looks first…

Haha I told you that you would love it!

Let me know your ideas and where you love to put your plants in your house!
Who says you need to own a garden to have a garden….


15 super cute decor ideas to brighten up your teenagers DULL bedroom

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1. Cover your wall in loads of photos and fairy lights

Be quirky and old fashioned and turn your instagram photos into print outs and stick them all over your wall to show off your best looking memories.

2. Add a eye catching spark with a printed tapestry
You don’t always need to get the paint and brush out in order to create a pop of colour in your room (especially if you are renting) Simple hang up a piece of large bright tapestry to add an instant splash of colour – its far less effort than painting!

3. Put the black and white printer to good use!
Forget about splashing the cash on coloured cartridges! You can print out some really nice images and quotes in black and white to create a cool monochrome collage. Take a look at this!

4. Whip out the fairy lights
As you have probably noticed – fairy lights are a girlie fave of mine! I love to put a quirky spin by putting up my fave pics from the lead of the light using pegs. I tend to focus on the corners for an extra minimalist chic look.

5. Get EVEN MORE crazy with the fairy lights
If minimalist isn’t your style or in your nature, just go crazy and cover your entire wall in fairy lights and photos! I love to use wooden pegs for an extra vintage look!

6. Get artsy with washi tape
Using washi tape is another great way to add some colour to your room whilst keeping it landlord friendly for all those out there who are renting property! Washi tape is a thin colourful tape that comes it so many different patterns and prints. You can create unusual shapes on your wall like below!

7. Pile up the cushions for a lounge vibe
When you’re not lazing around you need to ensure your bed looks super inviting by piling up the cushions. Transform your bed into something more loungeable and your room will instantly become the best chill out space in the house. Just what you need for late night girlie gossip sessions!

8. Get artsy with a heart photograph
Transform your best looking memories into a pretty wall art by fashioning them into a quirky heart. You could use some pretty images from Pinterest to get a nice colour theme going. See below!

9. Go graphic with cushions and fabrics
If you are looking to add character to your bedroom, why not add in some clashy printed fabrics! Have a look how cool this image looks!

10. Turn your desk space into a creative dreamboat
If you are like me or my hubby you will probably spend a lot of time at your desk doing work, sorting out bills etc… So it makes sense to like the area where you work from. What better way than to stick sketches and inspirational pictures up on the wall?

11. Create a framed wall that screams LOOK AT ME
Having an amazing framed wall that show all of your fave pics quotes or patterns is a great way to make your wall stand out. Check out this beautiful framed wall!

12. Create a frame wall minus the frames but with some washi tape!
If you are renting and are worried about getting your deposit back you can for the easiest and most fun way of framing your pictures! – washi tape! You can create some really quirky shapes and mix and match some colours and prints for an added quirky effect.

13. Get collage crazy!
Whip out the pritt stick and make some pretty crazy collages for your teens wall. Add some cool quote wall-hangings and fairy lights and then you will have the full chic look that all your daughters friends will be talking about!

14. Carry out a colour scheme
Who said anyone needed paint carpet or curtains to create a fancy colour scheme… You can simply match your bedding to some of your wall decor and the trinkets on your shelves to create a nice easy colour scheme. Take a look at this room below!

15. Splash on some confetti to the wall
If your daughter loves bright colours then you should definitely try adding some colourful confetti to the wall. Try cutting some pretty coloured paper into circles and then stick them to the wall! Check out how pretty they look!

So thats it guys! You have plenty of ideas now to brighten up your teens bedroom! These are really cheap and easy little tricks that absolutely anyone and everyone could give it ago!
If you have any more ideas please let us know I would love to hear them all!

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