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Going Crazy For My Brand New Roller Garage Doors

Hi guys, just a quick post I wanted to share with you the latest addition to the house…. ¬†I’ve just got myself a swanky new garage door ūüôā

So the next time your passing by my house I’m hoping our latest¬†home improvement will grab your attention , it was installed just yesterday. ¬†Have you guessed what my new pride and joy is? Yes, it is the new electric roller garage doors that look amazing¬†and makes my home much more appealing!

New Hormann Roller Garage DoorsIt was not entirely my decision, as my husband and I talked and discussed about getting new garage doors. This happened when the old roller garage door completely fell off its tracks. We came to the same conclusion that the garage door was old anyway, and maybe the ball bearings, the moving parts, or the rust finally had its way and put the metal door out of alignment. It was our very first garage door and have been faithfully serving us until then. We called a local company¬†for an estimate, and when they¬†came up with the cost, it seemed that it would be better to just install a new one. And we couldn’t be happier with this decision.

Not just the garage doors, but the whole house was in need of a facelift. Me and my husband also discussed our home’s future, and thought it was a good idea to start renovations here and there, when we could. We thought that when the time comes that we need to sell our home, it would be appealing right off the bat by enhancing the curb appeal. You know, maintaining an excellent outdoor landscape, keeping the house looking presentable with a fresh coat of paint, and don’t forget- the garage door is an important facet and facade of the house, so it has to be upgraded as well. The timing was right on target; the old roller garage doors fell and it was high time for a new one.

We tried shopping around for new garage doors, and came up with two types- sectional garage doors, and the newer roller garage door. I remember how during that time, my husband and I came into opposition, as he presented his side and said that sectional garage doors was definitely the way forward. I checked out the various features and benefits of the sectional garage doors versus the electric roller garage doors, and my own garage for coming up with the decision. We had a car that would fit, yes, but what if we chose to upgrade our car’s size as well? I included it in the discussion, and finally he agreed with me that roller garage doors are the best option to allow a little more head room should we fancy a bigger car.New Hormann Roller Garage Doors inside

So when that was all settled and the go signal was given, we took a look around town and shopped and browsed around for a good company that could install us a roller garage doors UK area. In the end we used Doormatic the same company we called to help repair the original. We called them for a chat and a quote on installing a new door, and they agreed quickly and went on to provide a very competitive estimate. I was also very impressed at their range of roller garage doors and they even provided some benefits that we have not thought about. They even gave me a list about it, which I will share some here:

Benefits of a Roller Garage Door

-A rubber seal on the bottom will keep out nature’s elements, dust, stray leaves, mice and other rodents from entering your house through the garage.

-Great for driveways with limited space due to its vertical operation.

-No outward swing, and when installed correctly, provides an excellent security.

In the end we went with a Rollmatic from a brand called Hornman, check out the video below

We were impressed by Doormatic’s level of industry knowledge about roller garage doors right at the start. When they showed us their fantastic range of electric roller garage doors, we were blown out of the water. There were so many choices and different variations that it can look customized and will provide a premium look for our home. We were not disappointed- they provided a top-notch bespoke service from start to finish, were very professional and friendly, and needed little to no supervision during the installation. We gazed in awe for about 15 minutes at the new roller garage door when it was finished. I certainly could not be any happier with Doormatic for making our simple garage door dream come true!

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