How Does Your Furnace Work?

Not giving your furnace the attention that it needs, could mean that you could have a very cold season this winter. Your furnace will last longer if you take the time to tune it properly. you will also find that you reduce your heating costs when you service your furnace properly.

The furnace works when your house temperature goes below the level set in your thermostat a natural gas is emitted, then a flame is ignited inside the combustion chamber. After a few minutes the furnace blower fan starts working. Air is pulled through the furnace filter. it goes through the furnaces heat exchanger that heats the air. The hot air is circulated throughout the entire house through the heating ducts.

There are two things that allow your furnace to operate properly and efficiently. They include: venting and combustion air

Combustion air

Any combustion requires oxygen to take place. Your furnace requires oxygen as well. Your furnace needs to take up enough oxygen in order to heat up your home properly. some furnaces get their oxygen from inside the home while others get it from outside. If your furnace get its oxygen from the inside the furnace should be placed in an area of the house that is open and has a lot of room. In case your house does not have room to allow your furnace to function properly.


Your furnace needs to exhale as much as it needs to inhale. For this reason it needs to have a venting system.that provides a way for the air and emissions produced by your furnace to find a way out of your home. it is very crucial that you set your venting in the correct size and also ensure that the type of venting used is the correct one. You should also ensure that the venting system is installed properly to ensure that the gas emitted and the by products of your furnace are emitted outside your home. The gas emissions could be harmful in the long run if they are released back into your home.

How to maintain your furnace

  • You should ensure that your furnace is inspected by a licensed heating contractor every so often
  • You should ensure that your furnace is installed correctly.
  • You should make sure that the furnace burners are adjusted properly
  • Ensure that there is ample ventilation where you site your furnace

Things you should remember to do:

  • Check the status of your furnace filter frequently. Check to see if it needs to be cleaned
  • Ensure that no combustible or flammable materials are found near the furnace.
  • Ensure that your furnace has more than enough combustion air.

Here are some fun facts about Natural gas:

  • Gas emitted from your furnace is lighter than normal air. When released into the atmosphere it rises rapidly and dissipates rather then pool around.
  • Natural gas is colourless and odourless
  • Natural gas is non toxic
  • Mercaptan is added to the gad to allow for easy and quick detection of gas leaks. Mercaptan has a rotten egg
  • Natural gas is not harmful to the environment. It is environmentally clean.
  • A furnace that uses natural gas is a very efficient and safe appliance as long as it well installed and properly maintained.
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