How to keep your home warm

Weather forecast reveals that temperatures will drop this week. We are therefore advised to ensure that our heating systems are in excellent conditions to keep our homes warm during the winter.

A study by the British gas prior to the winter season shows that majority of people are ill prepared to face the chilly weather. In the survey, 43% of the people in London do not verify whether the central heating is operating before turning it on. It was also found that only 40% of the people service their boilers before the winter. Surprisingly, 57% of people in London end up enduring a freezing shower in the last five years due to breakdown of their home boilers.

Boiler repair experts offer various tips to ensure that your home remain warm. Blocking draughts prevent heat from escaping hence preserving the heat in your home. Bleeding of the radiator is also another sure way of keeping your home warm.

It starts with loving your boiler, thus you monitor it closely to ensure that it is working properly ahead of the winter. If your boiler is a bit old, it may perform inefficiently. In case you have a pressure gauge, you should ensure that your boiler is at the correct pressure and refill if necessary.

Insulate your hot water tank by wrapping it around to preserve heat hence saving money. You can purchase the materials from Boiler repairs stores in Farnborough.

Burst pipes are a common and big problem during the cold season. Insulating your pipes helps to prevent burst pipes. Make sure that you insulate your pipes using lagging which can be purchased economically from boiler repair stores in Farnborough.

Be economical on energy by purchasing a smart meter. This meter can show you your home energy consumption rate in pounds and money and help you to monitor your energy usage. You can identify areas in your home that you can make savings. If you are operating a business, some boiler repairs in Farnborough can link you to an online tool called Business Energy Insight from British Gas. This tool provide individualised information, alerts and tips on energy efficiency.

Ensure your drains are well maintained and that they are clear of debris where they connect to the ground. Always monitor your gullies to get rid of all types of debris which may restrict water flow.

If you live in north east Hampshire and its environs, it is imperative to seek for Boiler repairs Farnborough can offer. This will ensure that your heating systems perform efficiently in combating the cold era.

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