Kitchen Designs for Edwardian Houses

Copper pots and pans on the walls of an Edwardian style kitchen

Do you have any idea that you spend an average of three years of your life in the kitchen? Well, this question may have taken you by surprise but that is the reality. Whether you are preparing a cup of tea, a dinner party for your guests or just relaxing with your family over a cup of coffee, your kitchen is a safe haven within your home.

This part of your house matters the most especially when preparing your meals. Why settle for less when you can have your dream kitchen thanks to the Edwardian style kitchen. This type of kitchen is second to none when it comes to its setup, design and other factors that make it a perfect choice for those looking to have kitchen designs for Edwardian houses.

Learn more about these wonderful kitchen designs so you may have a clear picture of what you can expect should you decide to go for an Edwardian kitchen extension and so own.

Edwardian Style Kitchen

History will tell you that the Edwardian era (from 1901 to 1910), was a time of revivalism. Unlike the Victorian era that was mainly characterised by the cluttered, heavy and darkly decorated interior designs, the Edwardian period was a little bit different. This period marked the beginning of simpler interior designs comprising of lighter colours, brighter airy spaces, and fine lines.

Most of the homes became sanctuaries contrary to the opulent status symbols that were associated with the Victorian times. In fact, decorative patterns went a tremendous transformation thus becoming less complex much to the delight of homeowners. Fresh pastel colours were preferred the most let alone the widespread use of feminine wallpapers. These two factors brought in a breath of fresh air as well as the newest fresh style that was embraced by many people.

And the centre of focus was actually the Edwardian style kitchen. In actual sense, nothing highlighted the attention to detail as far as kitchen designs for Edwardian houses were concerned.

Modern take on Edwardian kitchen design

Edwardian Kitchen Design

When designing the Edwardian kitchen, much of the emphasis is highlighted on a number of factors. First of all, there is the convenience of distribution, particularly in its parts with the largeness of dimensions being the main centre of attraction.

At the same time, the importance of height, light, and ventilation is put into consideration when designing these types of kitchens. Don’t forget the ease of access and careful location in the home. The location, however, is important in ensuring the aroma of cookery does not spread around your entire house.

The design encompasses a scullery pantry located nearby to provide a lot of water and fuel when needed. In general, Edwardian kitchen designs are simple, easy to construct and utilitarian. Back in the Edwardian era, a worktable was included in the kitchen.

At the moment, the worktable is replaced by the kitchen island which has increasingly become popular in every kitchen. Appliances are a must-have with the range cooker being the most essential appliance of all time for Edwardian kitchen designs today.

Edwardian Kitchen Ideas

The Edwardian era embraced what experts say to be an understated approach when designing kitchens. This is a perfectly synonymous fashion with the modern, minimalist and stylish approach to the kitchen designs.

However, don’t hesitate to take a few ideas from the Edwardian era when designing a modern kitchen within your house. This means you can still bring the modern as well as fresh feel in your kitchen using the right designs.

Using Edwardian kitchen ideas is not a bad move after all. Some of the ideas may include the limitations to the height of the ceiling, meaning that the ceiling needs to be kept low. This way, you won’t have to place cupboards on the walls because they may prevent you from doing some fun things around the kitchen.

For instance, cupboards can stop you from displaying your beautiful collection of pans and cutlery that are always in use most of the time. On the other hand, you may leave the shelves wide open to make your pans part and parcel of the design itself besides being easily accessible while cooking.

Copper pans and other utensils on an Edwardian style Kitchen counter

Edwardian Kitchen Extension

Edward kitchen extension brings in a lot of natural light to the cooking area. The light opens up all the possibilities of using bolder colours on your kitchen without getting worried about your space feeling darker or enclosed.

As a homeowner, you may opt for a hand-painted design that includes a kitchen island unit painted dark blue to contrast beautifully with your pale-coloured cupboards on the walls, worktops or wood flooring just to name but a few. Perhaps you may include a secret door in your design to provide easy access to the utility room. More often than not, these kitchen extensions feature high vaulted ceilings with plenty of glass in order to maximise natural light.

Addition of Edwardian kitchen extension in your home is likely to give you that bright entertaining space that you could be missing in your home. As mentioned earlier, this type of kitchen is designed primarily around the central island unit to form the focal point of your entire kitchen space.

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